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Global Holiday Gifting! Special Reissue

Happy holidays! When you’re giving holiday gifts to friends or colleagues in other cultures, how, I ask, can you possibly have an idea whether your gift may delight or distress them? Well, I’ll tell you: By listening to and enjoying this reissue of our Gift-Giving: Tips & Taboos episode from December 13th 2018! The episode description is below, and we’ll be back soon with new episodes in 2021. Adiós 2020! Enjoy!

In this episode, Dean and Tom present you with tips for giving culturally-appropriate gifts in the U.S., Europe, and East Asia, along with plenty of taboos to avoid as well. For instance, you’ll learn how to give money to a friend on their birthday in New Orleans, whether to give someone an even or odd number of flowers in Europe, and why giving a colleague four clocks in a white box is not exactly the best idea in China.

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