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Back To China – Special Reissue

With both the Lunar New Year and the Winter Olympics in Beijing this month, we’re heading back to China in this special reissue of our “Goat Eyes & Chinese Banquets” episode from June 2018! Please enjoy this classic offering, and stay tuned for tasty new episodes in the coming weeks. Happy Year of the Tiger!

Dean and Tom are back in this episode to sink their teeth into what to do, and what not to do, when presented with traditional foods across cultures: goat eyes in Kazakhstan, natas in Portugal, fried mayflies in Mexico, and the list goes on (3:26)! As the honored guest at a Chinese banquet, Dean also guides us through the ins and outs of this formal ceremony while respectfully passing along his fish head – yes, you read that correctly (9:13, 27:34, 48:25). Then, Dean and Tom launch into an informal edition of Grammar Time, and digest the bizarre fact that “bizarre” and “bazaar” each contain a single z (38:17). Who knew? So pop five natas into your mouth, avoid those one-eyed Portuguese cats, and enjoy!

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