48: Antarctica, Climate, Culture…And Lots Of Penguins

Earth Day 2024 was this past Monday April 22nd! In honor of our one and only Earth, Dean brings Tom (and us) along with him on his recent excursion to Antarctica in this episode, where he walked among thousands of non-tap-dancing penguins and giant calving glaciers on the warmest day ever recorded there to-date. Specifically, Dean details his conversations on his Antarctic journey with global climate leader Christiana Figueres on how cultural “DNA” underlies the US-American case, the Asian case, and the Latin American case for addressing climate change. As Dean writes in his July 2023 Substack article about this: “To ignore culture’s role in how we advocate for climate and the environment ensures a protracted struggle, even with all the best science, and the best negotiations. However, when we understand culture, and leverage that understanding in the strategic service of global goals, like climate, we accelerate the success we need to have. When it comes to climate, in the limited time we have left, we cannot afford to overlook or ignore the cultural advantage.”

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Music: “Little Idea” – Bensound.com