8: Time & Tequila

Prepare for time-traveling: that is, traveling the world to see how time changes across cultures, of course! After Tom arrives “late” to the studio, Dean and Tom hurry into how time is perceived in different cultures (6:40). Next, Dean and Tom slow things down to help a listener keep his U.S. business partners “calm and happy” in Mexico (11:30). Finally, our time-traveling hosts stroll into a discussion of how and why neighboring global regions can observe time quite differently, like north and south of the Alps in Europe, or north and south of the Rio Grande in the Americas – all while Dean sips tequila and Tom resists breaking furniture (46:40). There’s no need to book a time to listen; the time is now for you to time-travel with us! (Whoa… Time.)

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Music: “Little Idea” – Bensound.com