British Invasion! Special Reissue

Oi! With the U.K. being in the news a lot lately – from the G7 summit to Wimbledon to England’s heartbreaking loss in the Euro 2020 final – we feel it’s bloody high time that we reissue our U.K. (and U.S.) focused episode, Brits & Yanks, from September 2018. The episode description is below, and we’ll be back soon with a new episode about another European country with a massive cultural influence regionally and globally. Until then, enjoy, mates!

In this episode, Dean and Tom hop across the pond to explore cultural differences between the U.K. and the U.S.! The two begin with some surprisingly different customs between the two countries, like how Britons order two pints in a pub (a.k.a. two beers in a bar) versus how U.S. Americans use forks and knives inefficiently while eating (7:50). Next, they dive into an extended round of “Grammar Talk” to parse out some scary differences in English on both sides of the pond: for instance, should Tom ask for a “bathroom” or a “loo,” compliment a “fanny pack,” or eat “spotted dick” (19:35, 28:30, 37:00)?? Finally, the two chat about the royals in light of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s recent wedding, and why perhaps U.S. Americans care about the royal family at all (35:25). Don’t get your “knickers in a twist” waiting in the “queue” for this episode to drop; listen and enjoy today!

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