Celebrating The Great Beyond! Special Reissue

With All Hallows’ Eve & Día de los Muertos rapidly approaching, it’s a frighteningly perfect time to reissue our episode on death celebrations and festivals across cultures, “Who Died?”, from July 2019. The episode description is below, and we’ll be back soon with new episodes about joy of a very different kind! Enjoooooooooy! 👻

Don’t fear the reaper, dear listeners! In this journey along the River Styx, Dean and Tom explore how death is celebrated across cultures: from the joyous customs of Mexico’s Day of the Dead and Irish wakes, to the burning of papier-mâché effigies during East Asia’s Ghost Festival and of wooden pyres in India’s Varanasi, and so much more. We know you’re dying to hear this episode, so listen and enjoy now before moving on to the next realm!

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Music: “Little Idea” – Bensound.com