43: Continental CultureQuiz Cornucopia…Of Culture!, Or “Guess C” (Part 1 of 3)

As the three culture-curious mates remedy last episode’s sangria-lessness with beer and chianti, Dean (our resident global cultures expert) challenges Tom and Torin (our very-much-not-experts) to play six of his self-written CultureQuizzes – that is, brief quizzes about fundamental culture concepts in particular regions – against each other. Perhaps due to their mild inebriation or Torin’s overactive competitive side, or both, Tom and Torin agree to duke it out over two quizzes about Australia and the Middle East in this episode, all in pursuit of precious points (and possibly a jar of Vegemite). Can one of the blokes understand Strine in order to come out on top, or will continued drinking over this three-part episode series simply result in ignominious strife? Listen ASAP to find out!

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PLEASE NOTE: This episode was recorded in September 2023. We are heartbroken by the escalating crisis in Gaza and Israel, and we invite you to give what you can to on-the-ground humanitarian organizations such as the World Food Programme and World Central Kitchen. Thank you.

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Music: “Little Idea” – Bensound.com